Trump Says He Wants Americans To Obey Him Like North Koreans Obey Kim Jong Un

During an impromptu interview with Fox News host Steve Doocy outside the White House, President Donald Trump expressed his desire for Americans to obey him the way North Koreans obey brutal dictator Kim Jong Un.

Doocy asked Trump if Kim, who is a mass murderer, would be visiting the White House, and Trump confirmed he would:

He’s the head of the country, and he’s the strong head, don’t let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same.

Trump made no mention of Kim’s long record of human rights violations, noted by Amnesty International:

Systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations continued as up to 120,000 people remained in detention in the four known political prison camps, and were subjected to forced labour as well as torture and other ill-treatment.

Some of the violations amounted to crimes against humanity; no action to ensure accountability was known to have been taken during the year.

Many of those living in the camps had not been convicted of any internationally recognized criminal offence; they were detained arbitrarily for being related to individuals deemed threatening to the state, or for “guilt-by-association.”

At the end of the interview, Trump assured viewers that Doocy’s son, Peter, was actually Doocy’s son (video below):

This is definitely your son. By the way, I looked at him. Hey, I look at him. There’s no question. That’s your son.

(Source: Fox News via TwitterAmnesty International, Fox News via YouTube)

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