Trump Says FBI Search Of Michael Cohen’s Office Is ‘Attack On Our Country’

President Donald Trump called the FBI’s lawful search of his lawyer Michael Cohen’s new York City office a “disgrace” and an “attack on our country.”

The New York Times notes that the FBI seized “business records, emails and documents related to several topics, including a payment to a pornographic film actress,” Stormy Daniels.

The FBI agents had a search warrant, but Trump falsely claimed they “broke into” Cohen’s office. 

Trump also claimed the lawful search of Cohen’s office was a “disgraceful situation,” “witch hunt” and “whole new level of unfairness.”

During his rant, Trump slammed Special Counsel Robert Mueller: “Many people have said you should fire him,” reports The New York Times.

Trump also attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself in the Russia-Trump probe by Mueller, and attacked the FBI for not investigating Hillary Clinton “where there are crimes.”

Trump failed to provide any proof of those supposed crimes.

Trump criticized Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia-Trump investigation, and called Mueller’s team “the most biased group of people.”

(Source: CNN via Daily Motion, The New York Times)

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