Trump Says Democrats ‘Want to Put The Churches Out of Business’– With COVID-19 Safety Rules That Save Lives

President Donald Trump claimed that Democrats “want to put the churches out of business” (with lifesaving COVID-19 safety rules) during a bizarre interview on the conservative Catholic television network EWTN on Aug. 4.

Trump bragged about wanting to open churches and schools while the deadly COVID-19 virus kills one person every 80 seconds in the U.S.:

We want to open our churches. We want to open our schools. And everybody wants to be safe. They know what to do. They’ll stay away. And, you know, we’ll be the same way. Maybe you’ll have an extra service or two or three. But they have to let the churches open.

They want to put, the Democrats want to put them out of business. They want to put the churches out of business. And it’s very unfair. So they don’t complain about the protests, which are horrible in many cases.

You look at Portland, it’s a disaster, but they don’t want the churches open, they don’t want the schools open, they don’t want offices open. So it’s a very, very unfair situation to a lot of people.

EWTN host Tracy Sabol didn’t question Trump’s deadly logic, but did ask if churches could be deemed “essential businesses,” even though Jesus tossed businessmen out of a temple in the Bible.

Trump continued his rant against Democrats who are following the science of the coronavirus:

I am looking at that because I think it’s enough already. You have some states, I think they never want them open. They don’t want churches open. Look, the Democrats, frankly, if you look at the radical left, Democrats, which are radical left now, they’ve gone radical left. Whether you’re talking about life or whether you’re talking about almost anything, they’re not liking it. They’re not liking it.

(Source: EWTN/YouTube)

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