Trump Rioter Turned Into FBI by His Ex-Wife, FBI Allows Him to Gently Surrender

Larry Rendell Brock’s ex-wife turned him into authorities after recognizing him dressed in military garb on the floor of Congress on Jan. 6 during the Capitol riot in Washington D.C.

FBI agent said in an arrest affidavit that Brock’s ex-wife said she recognized her ex and his patch:

I just know that when I saw this was happening, I was afraid he would be there. I think you already know he was there. It is such a good picture and I recognize his patch.

John Scott-Railton, a researcher who studies cyber threats at the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto, told KXAS that he also identified Brock from the photos and notified the FBI:

The FBI did not try to forcibly capture Brock, but gave him the gentle option of turning himself in at the Grapevine Police Department in Texas on Jan. 10.

There was no violent raid on Brock’s home, no no-knock warrants.

Brock was charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct.

(Source: KXAS)

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