Trump Refuses To Take Responsibility For Failed Coronavirus Response: ‘We Did Not Screw Up!’

During a Fox News virtual town hall, host Bill Hemmer asked President Donald Trump why the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was slow to start testing for the coronavirus:

A month ago, the CDC had an initial test that failed. At that moment, late February, you said, it’s perfect and it wasn’t perfect, so what happened there in the early stages in late February?

Trump tried to blame past presidents, including President Obama, for his administration’s failures:

We had other administrations — not just the last one — they built up a platform, they built up a test. But the test was no good, it didn’t handle large numbers of people.

Hemmer responded: “So did the CDC screw up? Or did you screw up?”

Trump then exploded with denial and lies:

We did not screw up! And I don’t think CDC screwed up either. They had a test that would have worked for a small group of people. In other words, for a normal problem.

Trump falsely claimed that “nobody” expected the coronavirus outbreak to happen:

Nobody ever expect a thing like this. Nobody would say that millions and millions of people have been tested.

Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas, predicted the coronavirus outbreak in 2019, notes Kansas City Mag.

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant predicted a pandemic during a TED talk in 2006, reports Wired.

Chinese researchers predicted a coronavirus pandemic in January 2019, according to ZME Science.

It is highly likely that future SARS or MERS-like coronavirus
outbreaks will originate from bats, and there is an increased probability that this will occur in China.

(Sources: Fox News via YouTube, Kansas City Mag, Wired, ZME Science)

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