Trump Pushes ‘Spygate’ Conspiracy Theory, Cannot Produce Evidence

President Donald Trump launched a new conspiracy theory called “Spygate” to discredit the Department of Justice, FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Trump was asked by reporters to provide evidence of “Spygate,” but failed to do so.

Trump is pushing this conspiracy theory based on the FBI using an “informant” while investigating the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, which was reported by The New York Times.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin slammed Trump’s latest PR ploy:

The president of the United States has just elevated a conspiracy theory to a government plot with zero evidence… We have this conspiracy theory president who has launched this mega, mega PR blitz based on total rumor.

White collar crime expert Jennifer Taub told Baldwin that Trump is a “con artist”:

Reality is not on his side. And he’s a longtime con artist… Con artists need two types of people to keep the con going. They need the enablers who know what’s going on but are benefiting in some way by the con. And then they also need people they target, their marks.

It’s really disappointing for those members of Congress who are sort of whispering among themselves, and I’m speaking about the Republicans, that they don’t trust this guy, that this is outrageous, that he’s undermining the rule of law, that he’s trying to target [special counsel] Bob Mueller and so on. But they don’t speak out about it publicly or if they do, it’s those who are not running for office again.

(Sources: CNN via YouTube, The New York Times)

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