Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Says She is ‘Entitled’ to Mail-In Vote, Calls it ‘Fraud’ For Others & Parrots Conspiracy Theory

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended her practice of mail-in voting, while claiming other people are committed “fraud” when doing the same thing (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

McEnany, who has been doing mail-in voting for ten years, parroted a right wing conspiracy theory to Fox News host Ed Henry:

I’m entitled to that, the average viewer watching is entitled to that. She president has no qualms with that. He’s for absentee voting for a reason.

What he’s not for is mass mail-in voting, what Nancy Pelosi is asking for, which we know is subject to fraud, where automatically the state sends to all of its voter rolls a ballot, where in L.A. county you have 112% of the population registered.

That leaves 12% subject to fraud — at least 12%. That’s what he’s against. He’s not against the average everyday American who has a reason for casting their ballots to get an absentee and cast in that manner.

McEnany was parroting a years-old right wing talking point by Judicial Watch, which was not about “fraud,” but rather “inactive voters”who appear voting rolls but don’t actually vote, noted the Sacramento Bee in 2017:

Judicial Watch’s claim rests on its inclusion of “inactive voters” – people who have been removed from active rolls after a mail ballot, voter guide or other official document was returned as undeliverable – usually as a result of moving. They aren’t reflected in turnout tallies or signature-gathering requirements, don’t receive election materials, and are ignored by campaigns.

Logan and Gail Pellerin, the Santa Cruz County registrar of voters, told the Los Angeles Times in 2017 that very few people on the “inactive voter” list actually show up to vote. As few as 12 people, out of 44,172 people on Santa Cruz County’s inactive list, showed up to vote in November.

During a press briefing later in the day, McEnany repeated the same false claim, but dodged a question about her mail-in voting.

(Sources: The Sacramento Bee, Los Angeles Times, Fox News via YouTube, Fox News via Twitter)

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