Trump Praises ‘Beautiful And Sunny’ Weather In Storm-Ravaged North Carolina, Over 2 Dozen People Dead

President Donald Trump praised the “beautiful and sunny” weather while visiting storm-ravaged North Carolina where at least 26 people were killed by Hurricane Florence, notes WTVD.

Trump — who denied over 3,000 people died in hurricanes in Puerto Rico in 2017 — gave a press conference in Cherry Point, North Carolina where he was cheerful, telling jokes and praising the weather:

Some of the hard work is taking place right now. Even though it’s nice and beautiful and sunny.

While Puerto Rico is still recovering and needs more emergency funding, Trump promised his mostly white audience that federal money was headed their way:

The money is going to be a lot, but it’s going to come as fast as you need it. We’ll take care of everybody.

(Sources: WTVD, Fox News via YouTube)

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