Trump Picks Pro-Torture Gina Haspel To Head CIA

President Donald Trump nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to be his Secretary of State after firing Rex Tillerson, and nominated CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel to head the CIA, despite Haspel’s role in torturing detainees during the Bush administration.

The New York Times reports:

Gina Haspel oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects and later took part in an order to destroy videotapes documenting their brutal interrogations at a secret prison in Thailand…

She played a direct role in the C.I.A.’s “extraordinary rendition program,” under which captured militants were handed to foreign governments and held at secret facilities, where they were tortured by agency personnel.

The C.I.A.’s first overseas detention site was in Thailand. It was run by Ms. Haspel, who oversaw the brutal interrogations of two detainees, Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri.

Jeremy Scahill of The Intercept recalled Haspel’s horrific human rights record to Democracy Now in February 2017 when Haspel was named the deputy director of the CIA:

She was one of the people that ran a CIA black site where prisoners were mercilessly tortured, waterboarded, etc. And she, we understand, was the agent who led the destruction of the CIA torture tapes at the direction of the main torture ringleader, Jose Rodriguez, at the Central Intelligence Agency.

(Source: The New York Times, Democracy Now, Photo Credit: MSNBC via YouTube)


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