Trump Officials Expose Trump’s Lie About Forcing General Motors to Make Life-Saving Ventilators

Three sources within the Trump administration told USA TODAY that President Donald Trump did not use the Defense Production Act to force General Motors to make life-saving ventilators as he claimed he did on March 27.

The three administration officials said the Trump administration is still exploring its options — while Americans die from the coronavirus at an alarming rate.

The White House refused to comment about Trump’s lie.

General Motors simply said in a statement it was “moving forward to build as many ventilators as we can as fast as we can.”

USA TODAY notes how urgent the ventilators are needed:

As governors warn of severe shortages of ventilators, Trump has been hesitant to use his wartime powers to force companies to ramp up production under the Defense Production Act, arguing that such an order amounts to a takeover of private industry.

(Source: USA TODAY)

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