Trump Observes MLK Day With 95th Round Of Golf

President Donald Trump celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day by playing his 95th round of golf at his golf course in Florida.

CNN reporter Manu Raju tweeted:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s son Martin Luther King III told the New York Daily News that Trump lost any “credibility” and authority he might have had to talk about the icon when he said only a day earlier that people from Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations had come from “sh*thole countries”:

Do you even understand why we have a Martin Luther King holiday? Today he’s doing what the script told him to do. Yesterday caused him to lose any level of credibility. You can talk about Martin Luther King. But the hope is you would hear and embrace what he had to say.

Trump also played golf on Jan. 13 while Hawaii residents rushed for cover and placed their children in drains after a false alarm about an incoming missile, reports The Huffington Post.

(Sources: Manu Raju/Twitter, New York Daily News, The Huffington Post)

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