Trump Mega-Donor Liz Uihlein Pushes to End Coronavirus Shutdown, Placing Americans in Danger

Bloomberg reports that billionaire Liz Uihlein sent an e-mail to her Wisconsin shipping-supply company employees on April 17 urging them to sign a petition to recall Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers by claiming the Democrat was violating their constitutional right to work (which does not exist) during the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Uihlein is a large donor to the Republican Party and President Donald Trump. She is also an economic adviser to Trump.

Uihlein explained her position in a statement, which made no reference to the coronavirus which has killed more than 42,000 people:

I want to see America get back to work. We love our customers, and we love our employees. We think about our employees and their families. We need a strong economy and a healthy business to support them.

On March 13, the day Trump called a national emergency — after failing to do so for weeks — Uihlein sent a media-blaming e-mail to dozens of lawmakers in Illinois where she has also businesses:

The Media is Overblowing COVID-19. At what point do we go back to our normal lives? This has been a huge disruption.

Over the past decade, Liz Uihlein and her husband, Richard, have reportedly donated about $95 million to Republican candidates and causes. They oppose worker unions and support small government, which means a lack of regulations for corporations to follow.

The New York Times reported in June 2018 that Uihleins have funded ads that slammed transgender people, supported alleged child molester Roy Moore’s bid for the U.S. Senate, and supported Patrick Morrisey who ran an ad blowing up Washington D.C., which looked like a terrorist attack.

(Sources: Bloomberg, The New York Times/YouTube)

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