Trump Media Advisory Board Member Gina Loudon Demands Black NFL Players Stop Protesting: ‘Shut Up And Play Ball’

Trump media advisory board member Gina Loudon demanded that black NFL players — who are protesting police brutality against black people — cease their protesting on Aug. 10.

Loudon, who is white, falsely claimed on the Fox Business Channel show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that the player do not know what they are protesting, notes Media Matters:

What were they protesting again, Lou? Can you even remember? Because I kind of feel like maybe they’re protesting protesting. Because I don’t think anybody is aware of exactly what it is they’re protesting. And I think the president made the most poignant point, and that is there are other ways to protest.

Shut up and play ball. I mean, that’s really how I feel — I mean, the president didn’t say that part, I’m saying that.

Why don’t they just do what they were hired to do and be actual professionals?

Talk show host Montel Williams, a U.S. veteran, fired back at Loudon on Twitter:

(Source: Media Matters, Montel Williams/Twitter)

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