Trump Loans $765 Million to Former Mass Polluter Kodak to Help Start Kodak’s New Drug Company

President Donald Trump announced that his administration was loaning $765 million loan to former mass polluter Kodak, which is rebranding itself as Kodak Pharmaceuticals.

Trump called the failed photo company a “breakthrough in bringing pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the United States.”

Trump didn’t mention the massive pollution by Kodak in its hometown of Rochester, New York. Kodak was using toxic chemicals, including methylene chloride, a chemical used to make film, which has been linked to cancer.

The New York Times reported on Kodak’s pollution of Rochester in 1989:

Residents reported toxic waste seeping into groundwater and billowing out of smokestacks. Schools were routinely closed. Tests showed ground water and soil included methylene chloride, acetone, and methanol.

In 2018, Psychology Today noted Kodak’s history of pollution:

From the mid 1980s to 2000, the same period Kodak was floundering in the new digital photography market, the company had spewed more toxic emissions into the environment than any other corporation in the state of New York. People in and around the Kodak Park neighborhood in Rochester had suffered atypical levels of exposure to dangerous chemicals, the most dangerous of which was dioxin (a bioaccumulative and carcinogenic chemical, well-known in upstate New York for the Love Canal disaster of the late 1970s).

(Sources: The New York Times,, Forbes, Psychology Today, Fox News via Twitter)

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