Trump In ‘Tailspin’ As He Rages About Government Funding Without Wall Money: Report

A source “close to the White House” has told New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that Trump was in a “tailspin” about signing a bill that would fund the government without paying for his border wall, which he claimed Mexico would pay for.

NBC News Kasie Hunt reports that House Republicans were waiting for Trump’s tweets to signal if they should vote:
Hunt also appeared on MSNBC where she explained how Congressional Republicans are furious with Trump for “leaving them hanging” over government funding:

This is a GOP conference meeting to talk about this [continuing resolution] that would extend DHS funding through February, and of course, that would not give the president his border wall. The meeting has not been going well.

We’ve been reporting about how conservatives have been displaying their anger with the president over essentially giving up on the wall funding.

For Republicans here on Capitol Hill, they went into that meeting angry that they didn’t have a clear assurance that the president was going to sign this CR if they voted for it.

On the one hand you have the Freedom Caucus members who are frequently kind of out of line and who are not necessarily needed to pass this because Democrats have said they’ll get on board.

Those rank and file Republicans, even some of whom are leaving Congress because they lost their races, are saying that the president is leaving them hanging by not saying in public what he’s planning on doing.

(Sources: MSNBC, Kasie Hunt/Twitter, Maggie Haberman/Twitter, Photo Credit: Fox News)

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