Trump Got Rid Of Obama’s Flood Risk Rules 2 Weeks Before Hurricane Harvey

President Donald Trump canceled former President Obama’s flood risk regulations two weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast and devastated Houston, Galveston and surrounding areas.

On Aug. 23, Trump signed an executive order to roll back Obama’s regulations that would have forced roads and bridges to be built to withstand rising sea levels in areas prone to flooding, notes NPR.

Obama’s executive order was meant to help communities cope with global warming, a scientific truth that Trump has falsely accused China of fabricating.

Obama signed the order in 2015, but the changes had not yet taken effect when Trump killed it and said: “We’re going to get infrastructure built quickly, inexpensively, relatively speaking, and the permitting process will go very, very quickly.”

Trump’s Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Trump’s decision would “slash the time it takes” to approve new infrastructure projects.

Like Trump,  Chao made no mention of the safety issue.

Newsweek notes: “At least five people have been reported dead in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and ensuing heavy flooding, with the emergency services rescuing more than 1,000 people overnight who were trapped in high flood waters.”

“Residents in Houston have reported being trapped in their homes by rising floodwater, and authorities have warned people to stay indoors and not attempt to drive along flooded roads, which is where the majority of fatalities occur.”

(Sources: NPR, Newsweek, Photo Credit: Houston TranStar)

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