Trump & Fox News Falsely Claim Obama Had Same Immigration Imprisonment Policy As Trump

President Donald Trump and Fox News reporter Kevin Corke falsely claimed that the Obama administration had the same policy of separating immigrant children (including babies) from their parents, and imprisoning them.

Corke pushed the lie during “Fox & Friends”:

Very interesting to note the difference in the coverage of that policy which was actually happening during the Obama administration, versus the way it’s being covered now during the Trump administration.

About 30 minutes later, Trump parroted the lie on Twitter:

In reality, the Obama administration did not have a policy to criminally prosecute and separate immigrant families crossing the border like the “zero tolerance” policy that the Trump administration started in May.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told NPR that families were only separated in some exigent or emergency situations during the Obama administration:

I can’t say that it never happened. There may have been some exigent situation, some emergency… There may have been some doubt about whether the adult accompanying the child was in fact the parent of the child.

(Sources: Donald J. Trump/Twitter, Fox News via YouTube, NPR, NBC News)

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