Trump Fooled By Crank Call From Ex-Sidekick Of Howard Stern, Stuttering John

UPDATE: Melendez says the Secret Service came to his residence, but he pretended that he wasn’t home.

President Donald Trump was fooled into taking a crank call from “Stuttering” John Melendez, a former sidekick of Howard Stern, who does his own podcast.

Melendez pretended to be Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New York, and told Trump about the anger from voters who oppose Trump’s policy of separating and imprisoning immigrant parents and children.

Trump did not mention that he could solve the problem with one phone call, but said he wanted an immigration bill to solve the problem (that he created).

Melendez also asked Trump about his upcoming Supreme Court justice nomination, which Trump said would happen in about two weeks, but did not leak any names.

POLITICO reporter Annie Karnie tweeted about the White House scrambling over the crank call:

(Sources:  Stuttering John Podcast, Annie Karnie/Twitter, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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