Trump Flip-Flops On Medicaid & Medicare, Plans Massive Cuts In Budget That Will Hurt Poor, Sick Americans

When President Donald Trump was running for office in 2016, he promised numerous times that he would not cut Medicaid or Medicare, but his new budget proposes cutting both by billions.

The Washington Post notes that Trump’s budget proposes “cutting Medicare by $554 billion and Medicaid by around $250 billion over the next decade.”

Trump’s plan would limit how much health care each poor American would receive under Medicaid.

His plan also includes a massive shift in Medicaid payments to states in the form of block grants.

Grant blocks would allow states to force sick people to work before receiving health care, kick people off Medicaid and possibly spend the money elsewhere.

Trump’s budget would also reportedly cut Obamacare subsidies that help more than four in five people pay for their insurance premiums.

(Source: The Washington Post, Photo  Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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