Trump Flees When Reporters Ask About Roy Moore

President Donald Trump bolted out of a room in the White House when he was asked questions by journalists about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore who has been accused by six women of sexual misconduct.

Trump read a statement off a teleprompter about how Americans can handle any task, and then promptly walked out when Moore’s name was brought up.

The sixth woman to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct is Tina Johnson who told the Alabama Media Group that Moore groped her buttocks in 1991 while she was visiting Moore’s law office with her mother, Mary Katherine Cofield, over a child custody issue:

He kept commenting on my looks, telling me how pretty I was, how nice I looked. He was saying that my eyes were beautiful. I was thinking, can we hurry up and get out of here?

(Sources: ABC News via, Alabama Media Group)

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