Trump Fans at Arizona Rally Explain Why They Don’t Wear Masks to Protect Themselves From COVID-19

Some of the Trump fans waiting in line for President Donald Trump’s rally in Phoenix, Arizona, on June 23, told MSNBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard why they refuse to wear COVID-19 masks to protect themselves.

A female Trump supporter said she refused to wear a mask — to save her own life — because rioters did not wear masks:

It’s not about the mask. It’s about the hypocrisy. The hypocrisy that it’s okay for tens of thousands of people to go and riot, to go and protest. But you can not have a group of a thousand, and this is not okay?

A male Trump supporter asked Hillyard: “Why don’t you cover the protesters and ask why they aren’t wearing a mask?”

Hillyard said many of the Black Lives Matter protesters “are wearing masks.”

The male Trump supporter ignored the answer:

I’m asking you a question. Why isn’t the liberal news media focusing on them not wearing any masks?

(Source: MSNBC via YouTube)

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