Trump Fan Tries To Meet Google And Facebook Execs Over Supposed Bias, They Refuse

Ben Bergquam and his fellow Trump supporters went to the Google and Facebook campuses in California on Aug. 30, and demanded answers from the CEOs of the companies for alleged bias claimed by President Donald Trump.

Bergquam, who live streamed his trip for free on Facebook, attacked the social media giants to KAIL:

If they can make your post appear on the third or fourth page, you’re basically invisible.

They weren’t expecting us to come. I think they were irritated that we were there.

Google issued a statement regarding search results:

Search is not used to get a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology.

Bergquam claimed conservatives are targeted by Google, Facebook (which he was able to live stream on) and Twitter:

The companies that were founded on this idea of free exchange of ideas have become the thought police.

Bergquam and several others were planning to come back to Google headquarters on Aug. 31.

(Source: KAIL)

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