Trump Fan Tries, Fails To Set Fire To Her Pittsburgh Steelers Flag, Jersey

A female Trump fan tried and failed to set fire to her Pittsburgh Steelers’ flag and jersey.

The Maryland Trump voter was angry at the Pittsburgh Steelers for showing unity with other NFL teams against President Donald Trump and against police brutality of black people:

For as long as I can remember, I have been a Steelers fan, but I have been an American longer than that. Coach Tomlin, I read what you said, and the fact that you said people shouldn’t have to make a choice. What’s the choice between standing for stupidity and standing for our American flag?

From now on, I’m done with the Steelers. I stood for you guys, I fought for you guys, I even argued for you guys — living in Maryland! And this is what I get in return?

Go to hell, all of you. The only flag that is going to fly in my house anymore is the United States flag.

Go to hell, Steelers, go to hell, NFL. Piss off.

(Source: The Eliot/YouTube,

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