Trump Falsely Claims Winter Cold Weather Disproves Global Warming

President Donald Trump parroted a decades-old denial of global warming that has been debunked numerous times.

Trump tweeted that the U.S. needed global warming to keep warm during the winter:

Before the president posted his false claim, the Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang tweeted how people who believe there is no global warming during winter are wrong:

The Weather Channel tweeted how weather and climate change patterns are two different things. A simple concept that has escaped the grasp of the president:

Trump’s own National Climate Assessment report debunks his climate change denial by warning of 18 degrees warming in the Arctic, sea levels rising a foot over the next decade and dust-bowlification if the Trump administration continues its denial policies.

(Sources: Donald Trump/Tweet, Capital Weather Gang/Twitter, National Climate Assessment via CSSR, The Weather Channel/Twitter, Photo Credit:

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