Trump Falsely Claims He Has Votes To Repeal Obamacare

President Donald Trump falsely claimed during a speech in Indiana that he has the votes to pass Graham-Cassidy bill, an Obamacare repeal-replacement bill,  which was pulled the day before by Senate Republican leaders because they did not have enough votes from their own party to pass it.

Trump appeared to ramble while making his false claim:

We have the votes on Graham-Cassidy, but with the rules of reconciliation we’re up against a deadline of Friday, two days. That’s just two days and “yes” vote senator, we have a wonderful senator, great, great senator, but he is home recovering from a pretty tough situation.

The rules of reconciliation only require 50 Republican votes, with a deadlock 51st vote by the Vice President, but the Republicans lost three votes and only had 49. 

(Source: CBS News/Twitter)

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