Trump Evangelicals Still Deny Trump Lost the Election

While some Republicans are beginning to accept that President Donald Trump lost the election, many of his evangelical supporters are still in denial.

Christian radio show host Eric Metaxas claimed on Nov. 23 that conspiracy theorist and former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell is going to “drain the swamp” and reveal the corruption of election, which she has failed to do.

Self-described prophet Lance Wallnau claimed in a Facebook Live video on Nov. 22 that Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp is working with China to undermine the election.

Los Angeles-based Christian radio host Frank Sontag, who is a fan of Wallnau, went on a bitter rant on Nov. 23 in a Facebook Live video imploring people not to believe the media when they report election results.

(Sources: The Eric Metaxas Radio Show/YouTube, Lance Wallnau/Facebook, Frank M. Sontag/Facebook)

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