Trump Economist Stephen Moore Accused Of ‘Making Up Numbers’ On CNN

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell slammed Trump economist Stephen Moore, who helped write Trump’s tax bill which redistributes wealth from the poor and middle class to the very wealthy.

Moore blamed the Federal Reserve for “deflation” and tanking the stock market, but was promptly fact-checked by Rampell:

Wait, wait, wait!. There is no deflation… No there is not. Look at the Consumer Price Index!

Moore claimed some prices on the Commodities Price Index had dropped, but Rampell noted that was due to President Donald Trump’s trade wars:

Soy bean prices are falling because of the trade war.

Rampell then nailed Moore for his false warnings of hyperinflation during the Obama presidency:

I’m old enough to remember when, ten years ago, during an actual deflation, you went on TV on a rival network and said we were about to have hyperinflation and told the Fed that it was irresponsible then to keep rates low. It’s totally inconsistent and it’s totally irresponsible to make up numbers.

“I’m not making up numbers,” Moore replied.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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