Trump Defies His CDC and Nevada Health Regulations to Hold Crowded and Mask-Less Indoor Rally

President Donald Trump hosted his first indoor rally since June in Henderson, Nevada, on Sept 23.

Trump ignored Nevada and his own administration’s safety rules regarding masks, social distancing and large group indoors as U.S. coronavirus deaths hit 194,155.

Dr. Peter Hotez, the co-director of the Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development, told CNN that Trump has a callous disregard for human life.”

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said Trump was “taking reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada,” reports the Associated Press.

Trump told his crowded and nearly mask-less that the country id “making the last turn” in defeating the virus, but failed to offer any evidence.

Trump also told his followers that there would not be anymore shutdowns (to save innocent lives from the deadly COVID-19 virus):

We are not shutting the country again. A shutdown would destroy the lives and dreams of millions Americans. We will very easy defeat the China virus.

Trump told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he was not worried: “I’m on a stage and it’s very far away. And so I’m not at all concerned.”

(Sources: Associated Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal, CNN via YouTube)

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