Trump Cursed At Chief Of Staff Mick Mulvaney For Suggesting Border Deal Compromise: Report

President Donald Trump reportedly cursed at his new chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, during a meeting with congressional leaders to solve the government shutdown on Jan. 4.

Sources in the room told Axios that Vice President Mike Pence, at Trump’s behest, asked the Democrats for just $2.5 billion for the border wall, but Mulvaney said (paraphrased) “‘that if Dems weren’t OK with $5.7 [billion] and the president wasn’t OK with $1.3 [the Democratic offer]’ … he was trying to say we should find a middle ground.”

Trump cut him off: “You just f*cked it all up, Mick,” according to two sources.

A White House official, who was in the room, did not deny or confirm Trump’s use of the F-word to Axios: “This is an exaggerated account of the exchange that doesn’t reflect the good relationship Mulvaney has built over the last two years with the president.”

(Source: Axios, Photo Credit: Fox News)

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