Trump Couldn’t Remember Claiming That He Had The ‘World’s Greatest Memory’

Video deposition of President Donald Trump taken during his defense of his fraudulent Trump University in Trump Tower on December 10, 2015 has been published by Mother Jones.

Trump told NBC News in a phone call that he had “the world’s greatest memory” in November 2015.

Art Cohen, a lead plaintiff in one of the lawsuits against Trump University and Trump, confirmed to Mother Jones that the December 2015 deposition video was real:

On this video, Trump’s shifty memory and dishonest character are exposed when he is faced with questions that demand the truth.

Lawyer Jason Forge, representing people suing Trump, asked Trump if he remembered claiming that he had the one of the all-time great memories, but Trump couldn’t recall if he had said that or not.

Trump said repeatedly that he had a “very good memory,” but minutes later he couldn’t recall people who worked for Trump University.

Trump ended up paying the plaintiffs a $25 million settlement in 2018, noted ABC News.

(Sources: Mother Jones, NBC News, ABC News)

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