Trump Coughs and Chokes During Interview With Fox News’ Sean Hannity

President Donald he coughed and choked during a phoned-in interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Oct. 8, after backing out of a virtual debate next week with Joe Biden.

Trump sounded hoarse while complaining about the Commission on Presidential Debates:

You know, last time I had a big problem, the oscillated my mics, when I had the one debate, we had three debates with Hillary, and I think the first debate, they…

Excuse me, on the first debate, they oscillated the mic and they oscillated it very, very seriously. And they actually apologized to me. I said what’s this all about? They were Clinton people and I said we ought to just do the debates ourselves.

Trump also coughed while claiming absentee voting by mail is acceptable, but mail-in voting is not:

Well, I want them to vote, but I will say this, absentee is okay. Because absentee ballots — excuse me — absentee ballots are fine. Because absentee ballots you request, you ask for a ballot and you request, and that said, absentee ballots are absolutely fine.

“The View” co-host Ana Navvaro slammed Trump on ABC-TV:

To me, he sounds like a guy who’s choking literally and politically. Look, I think he regrets all this stuff about not wanting to debate. Donald Trump has no leverage right now. All the polls are showing him behind.

(Source: ABC News and Fox News via YouTube)

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