Trump Claims Unpaid Federal Workers Support His Government Shutdown, Hundreds Of TSA Workers Call In Sick

President Donald Trump claimed during a Rose Garden press conference that unpaid federal employees told him that they supported his shutdown of the U.S. government over his proposed border wall (which Trump promised Mexico would pay for):

I’ve been in this magnificent structure behind you, it’s called the White House and I was here on Christmas, I was here, my family was in Florida. I said go to Florida. I didn’t even find it to be a lonely place. There’s something special about the White House.

A lot of people that you think are upset and certainly they’re not thrilled, but they say, “Sir, do the right thing, we need border security,” and these are people who are not getting paid.

Border Patrol yesterday was saying, “sir, we’re affected by it. Do what is right. It’s time. This is after many, many decades, many decades. This should have taken place a long time ago. We’re going to get it done.”

While Trump failed to offer any proof of his claims, unpaid TSA workers are calling in sick around the country, tweeted CNN’s Maegan Vazquez:

(Sources: CNN, Maegan Vazquez/Twitter)

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