Trump Claims He is ‘Fixing’ the Postal Service by Removing Sorting Machines Before the Election, Slowing Down Mail-In Votes

President Donald Trump — who opposes mail-in voting — claimed that he is “fixing” the United States Postal Service by removing sorting machines before the presidential election.

Trump’s actions have caused long delays for checks for the elderly and prescriptions for veterans, notes WBNS.

Trump claimed the Post Office –which is not a for-profit company — is losing money:

We want to make sure that the post office runs properly, and it hasn’t run properly for many years. Probably 50 years it’s run very badly. We want to make sure that the post office runs properly and doesn’t lose billions of dollars. Somebody said it lost $78 billion over a relatively short period of time. that’s over the years. $78 billion. You can’t have that, no.

One reporter asked Trump: “How can you speed up the mail by removing machines, Mr. President?”

(Sources: WBNS, MSNBC)

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