Trump Claims He Can Still Win Election: ‘We’ll Find 8,000 Votes Easily!’

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, President Donald Trump claimed that he could still win the presidential election with hand recounts of Georgia and Wisconsin:

We’re going to win Wisconsin. Arizona — it’ll be down to 8,000 votes, and if we can do an audit of the millions of votes, we’ll find 8,000 votes easy. If we can do an audit, we’ll be in good shape there.

Hand-counting is the best. To do a spin of the machine doesn’t mean anything. You pick up 10 votes. But when you hand-count — I think we’re going to win Georgia.

Trump falsely claimed that Michigan did not have Republican poll watchers observing the counting process:

They wouldn’t let our poll watchers and observers watch or observe. That’s a big thing. They should throw those votes out that went through during those periods of time when [Trump observers] weren’t there.

(Sources: Washington Examiner, Detroit Free Press)

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