Trump Claims Coronavirus Will ‘Go Away,’ Downplays COVID-19 Deaths of 86,607 Americans

President Donald Trump predicted that a vaccine for the coronavirus will be coming in “the near future,” but added that even without a vaccine the deadly virus will just “go away at some point” (MORE VIDEO BELOW):

We think we’re going to have a vaccine in the pretty near future, and if we do we’re going to really be a big step ahead. And if we don’t, we’re going to be like so many other cases where you had a problem come in, it’ll go away at some point, it’ll go away.

It may flare up and it may not flare up, we’ll have to see what happens, but if it does flare up we’re going to put out the fire and we’ll put it out quickly and efficiently. We’ve learned a lot.

Trump also downplayed the COVID-19 deaths of 86,607 Americans:

It’s a very, very small percentage. I say it all the time — it’s a tiny percentage. The vast majority — many people don’t even know they have it.

(Sources: C-SPAN 2 via Twitter, C-SPAN 2 via Twitter)

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  1. If we didn’t test hearts, we wouldn’t have any heart disease, other than that final “PLOP.” If we didn’t do biopsies for tumors, cancer would dissappear, except for those final days in a hospice on morphine. And we could instantly zap diabetes by having no blood tests, until the amputations arrived along with other nobodies.


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