Trump Caught Making Up Stories About ‘Tough’ Men Crying To Him In Gratitude: Report

The Toronto Star fact-checked President Donald Trump about making up stories of  “tough” men crying because they are so grateful to him.

The newspaper notes that Trump claimed at a campaign rally in Evansville, Indiana, that nine “miners” greeted him backstage and eight of these “tough guys” were “crying out of happiness” because “they’re back.”

The Toronto Star reports that eight days later during a campaign fundraiser in Fargo, North Dakota, Trump told a similar story:

A strong man came up to me, tough kind of a guy, and said: ‘I want to thank you, Mr. President, for saving our country.” This wasn’t just a statement, because he had tears coming down. Unless he was a real wise guy. But he had tears coming down his eyes.

Trump flew from North Dakota to South Dakota, and told the story about how he had encountered nine men, eight of whom were crying, but changed them to “steelworkers,” not miners.

Trump switched the location of the “crying” men  — from backstage at the rally in Evansville, Indiana — to “the opening of one of the big plants for United States Steel.”

The Toronto Star notes how Trump tells a lot of stories about his private interactions with people:

Many of these stories are widely seen as dubious, and some of them have been shown to be lies, but most of them are carefully constructed so that they are difficult to conclusively prove fictional.

So although Trump is a serial liar, we can’t say for sure that he is making all of these stories up.

We can say that he is making some of them up. About the others, we can say that a curious number of people sure seem to be bursting into grateful tears in Trump’s presence.

The crying characters in Trump’s stories tend to share three characteristics: they are male, they are “tough” or “strong,” and they do not have names.

Trump told CBS News in May 2017 about “the head of a major, major company” visiting the Oval Office and crying:

I said, “Have you been to the White House before?” “Yes, 51 times.” I said, “Oh good, so you’ve been to the Oval Office.” “No, I was never brought to the Oval Office.”

I said, “Come on, I’ll bring you to the Oval Office.” The person came into the Oval Office and started to cry. This is a tough person, by the way. Came into the Oval Office and started to cry.

Trump told an American Farm Bureau convention in January 2018 about farmers who cried with joy when he signed an executive order to roll back Obama-era clean water regulations, allowing for more pollution:

Men that were tough and strong, women that were tough and strong — they’d see me, they had tears coming down their eyes, because I gave them back their property, I gave them back their farms.

(Source: Toronto Star, Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

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