Trump Caught Lying Numerous Times in His RNC Speech, Audience Does Not Wear Masks or Social Distance

President Donald Trump was caught lying numerous times in his speech for the Republican National Convention, which was held on the White House lawn where audience members were crammed closely together and lacked safety masks (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

CNN’s Daniel Dale fact-checked Trump’s lie-filled speech (VIDEO BELOW), as did MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow who noted Trump falsely claimed there are “lifesaving therapies” for COVID-19 and told other lies:

When the president said we have pioneered the fatality rate, he was blundering there, but he might have been correct in that blunder. Joe Biden does not support abortion at the time of birth.

The New York police department has not endorsed Donald Trump’s re-election. There have not been 300 new miles of wall built. It was Barack Obama who signed the Veterans Choice Act. Our troops are not coming home.

Joe Biden has not promised to abolish the production of energy in the United States. Joe Biden will not bulldoze the suburbs. This talk about pre-existing conditions in terms of whether or not people can get health care, the Republican Party and the Trump administration explicitly is in court right now fighting to abolish the protections for people who have pre-existing that were part of the Affordable Care Act that’s going to be before the Supreme Court exactly one week after the election on November 10th. They are fighting to abolish protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

(Sources: MSNBC, CNN via Twitter)

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