Trump Caught Lying About Setting Record For Legislative Accomplishments

President Donald Trump falsely claimed on Twitter that he “broke Harry Truman’s record” of legislative approvals during his first year in office:

CNN’s John King fact-checked Trump’s lie:

I’m sorry, Mr. President, your record does not match Harry Truman. A lot of them were big victories. You have one achievement, and that’s the tax cut plan unless you consider the Russia sanctions—but the president does not like that bill.

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale tweeted that Trump is way behind every modern U.S. president:

While signing the Republican tax bill that benefits the wealthy and corporations (his only bill signed into law), Trump falsely claimed that he “more legislative victories than any other president,” tweeted CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie:

(Sources: Donald Trump/Twitter, Christina Wilkie/Twitter, Daniel Dale/TwitterCNN via YouTube)

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