Trump Can’t Explain His Own Health Care Plan, Rants About Obamacare

President Donald Trump was asked to explain his health care plan by Fox News reporter John Roberts, but failed to.

Trump, who recently ended CSR payments for millions of Americans who need them to buy insurance, rambled about insurance companies and Obamacare:

Well if you look, ah, insurance companies, and you take a good strong look at the numbers, you’ll see since the formation of Obamacare they’re up 400 percent, 450 percent, 250 percent, 300 percent — they’ve made a fortune, the insurance companies.

Trump lied about the CSRs just simply lining the insurance companies’ pockets as the insurance companies actually have to provide insurance coverage with CSRs:

So when I knocked out the hundreds of millions of dollars a month being paid back to the insurance companies by the politicians, I must tell you, that wanted me to continue to pay this, I said I’m not going to do it. This is money that goes to the insurance companies to line their pockets, to raise up their stock prices, and they’ve had a record run, they’ve had an incredible run, and it’s not appropriate.

Trump also lied about Obamacare, which extended health coverage to 16 million Americans and brought the uninsured rate to its lowest ever:

Obamacare is a disaster. It’s virtually dead, as far as I am concerned it really is dead, and I predicted that a long time ago — it is a concept that doesn’t work, and we are very close.

Trump claimed that states would be able to provide better health care with block grants, which would be far less money than the CSRs:

We feel we have the votes, and as soon as we’re finished with taxes, John, we really feel we have the votes to get block grants into the states where the states can much better manage this money and much better take care of the people, rather than the federal government. The state block grants, we’ll do massive block grants into the various states so that the states can run the program.

Roberts asked Trump, “So is Graham-Cassidy still the plan, sir?” and Trump replied, “Yeah, essentially that would be the plan, yes. Block grants.”

Trump failed to mention that the Graham-Cassidy has already failed its vote, would likely cause 32 million Americans to lose their insurance, per the CBO, and would bring back pre-existing conditions to states that opt for them.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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