Trump Campaign’s 2016 Playbook Failing Against Biden, Trump Wishes He Could Run Against Hillary Again: Report

The Daily Beast is reporting that President Donald Trump has privately said that he wishes he could to run against Hillary Clinton again instead of former Vice President Joe Biden, who has maintained leads, including in several key battleground states.

Clinton got three million more votes than Trump, but the lost the 2016 Electoral College to Trump. Clinton ranks third in the most votes ever received by a presidential candidate, only Obama’s 2008 and 2012 wins outrank her.

A senior Biden adviser said, “Joe Biden’s not Hillary Clinton, thank God,” while a senior Trump administration official said: “It would be nice, for sure, if we were running against a replica of Hillary.”

Half a dozen Trump aides in the administration and his re-election effort told The Daily Beast that the Trump campaign is trying to “make Biden the new Hillary” by accusing him of shady foreign dealings, supporting a culture of “corruption,” and portraying him as an immigrant-loving elitist.

Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale failed miserably when he tried this pathetic attack on Twitter in April:

(Sources: The Daily Beast, Brad Parscale/Twitter)

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