Trump Brags That Gutting Obamacare Will Make GOP ‘Known As The Party Of Health Care’

President Donald Trump bragged at the White House that gutting Obamacare will make the Republican Party “known as the party of health care” (video below).

Trump did not mention what he would replace Obamacare with. which would leave millions of Americans without health care and bring back pre-existing conditions.

CNN host Brianna Keilar was stunned by Trump’s promise to end Obamacare:

It is a political gift for Democrats looking to move on from the Mueller report capitalizing on the announcement and unveiling a new health care plan of their own. It could define the 2020 race. It makes you wonder why President Trump would do this,. He has his victory lap. He is celebrating and then restarting the fight on health care.

Republican analyst John james added his shock:

It’s certainly a gift. Nobody can deny that. I have spoken with the president. He wants the Republican Party to be part of that. I believe it is a necessity. We need to make sure we cover preexisting conditions and we also need to make sure we are doing so in a matter that the patients and doctors have power.

CNN political analyst Kristen Powers was similarly stunned:

It’s not a winning issue for Republicans. Even when they were in control of Congress they weren’t coming up with plans. They weren’t coming up with plans to cover preexisting conditions. They weren’t coming up with plans to keep people on their parent’s health care.

It has never been a priority for them. When voting to repeal they didn’t have a plan. I think voters know that and they know Democrats are the ones proactively running on this as they did in 2018.

(Source: CNN)

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