Trump Brags At Rally: ‘Most Popular Person In The History Of The Republican Party Is Trump’

President Donald Trump told a rally in Tampa, Florida, that he was the most popular Republican in history, even topping Abraham Lincoln (more video below). 

Trump began his rant by whining about “fake news’:

If the fake news did a poll, it would show that I’m only getting 25% with the 401(k) people even though they’re up 44%. No, we got — we’re doing well. We’re doing well. And I’m happy you’re doing well.

They just came out with a poll, did you hear? The most popular person in the history of the Republican Party is Trump. Can you believe this? So I said, does that include honest Abe Lincoln?

The crowd wildly cheered Trump’s false claim.

Trump also claimed — without proof — that people are no longer afraid to say “Merry Christmas” because he was elected (video below).

(Source: Fox Business via Vimeo, Fox News via Vimeo)

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