Trump Brags About TV Ratings, Whines Female Reporters Not Acting Like 1950s TV Star Donna Reed

President Donald Trump bragged about the TV ratings from his coronavirus daily briefings, but also complained that two female journalists — who confront him on his lies — were not acting like 1950s TV star Donna Read.

Trump — who ended the daily briefings last week and said there would continue to be one or two a week — told the New York Post how his clashes with reporters were generating good TV ratings, but also lamented that CBS News journalists Weijia Jiang and Paula Reid irritated him:

We set every record with those press conferences. Six million people all the time. You know we had tremendous numbers, literally, it was in [Fox News host] Bret Baier’s slot, and we did like 30 in a row.

I heard, is this true? It was the highest-rated hour in cable television history. That’s what I heard. I don’t know if that’s true…

It wasn’t Donna Reed, I can tell you that. Paula Reid, she’s sitting there and I say, “How angry. I mean, What’s the purpose?”

Unbeknownst to Trump, Reed was an anti-Vietnam War activist and an anti-nuclear activist.

(Sources: New York Post, Wikipedia)

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