Trump Begs ‘Pro-Life’ Evangelicals to Support His Re-Election As Thousands Die From Coronavirus

President Donald Trump begged “pro-life” Christian evangelicals to support his re-election as hundreds of Americans die from the coronavirus, thanks to his numerous failures.

Trump made his plea during a conference call with 10,000 evangelical leaders, reports NBC News:

We have a very, very powerful year coming up because you know what lies ahead. And we have to do it. People of faith have to do it. We have to have victory.

We have a tremendous year coming up. We’re going to beat this plague. We’re going to beat this virus and we’re going to beat it soon. We’re going to get our country back.

Evangelical leader Franklin Graham praised Trump’s (failed) leadership:

If you were not the president, I just shudder to think where we would be.

(Source: NBC News)

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