Trump Attacks Rep. Adam Schiff During Unhinged Campaign Rally

President Donald Trump held an unhinged rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he made numerous false statements and desperately tried to attack Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff of California who heads the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which is investigating Trump (more video below):

Little pencil neck Adam Schiff — he’s got the smallest, thinnest neck I’ve ever see. He is not a long ball hitter. Sick, sick, these are sick people. There has to be accountability because it’s all lies — and they know it’s lies.

Trump also told his gullible supporters how they were smarter than his critics:

You are smarter. You are sharper and more loyal, and a h*ll of a lot tougher… I have a better education than them. I am smarter than them. I went to the best schools, they didn’t. Much more beautiful house.

Much more beautiful apartment. Much more beautiful everything. And I am president and they are not. And then they say, “the elite, the elite” They are not elite. You are elite. We are the elite.

(Sources: WOOD via YouTube, C-SPAN)

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