Trump Attacks Media For Reporting On His Love Of Russia, Falsely Claims He Won Women’s Vote

President Donald Trump was supposed to give an important speech on trade and tariffs in Granite City, Illinois, but went off script to attack the media for reporting on his love for Russia (more video below):

Did he say something positive about Russia? I think he loves Russia. And I see [he is] getting along with Russia. That’s okay. These people analyze every word and follow us.

In the same speech, Trump falsely claimed he won the women’s vote in 2016, even though Hillary Clinton won 54 percent and he won 42 percent:

I did win that women’s vote, didn’t I? Remember? Remember they said, why would women vote for Trump? I don’t know, but I got more than she did. That’s pretty good.

(Sources: Fox News via Twitter, Fox News via Twitter)

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