Trump Appoints Right Wing Radio Host Sebastian Gorka to Oversee National Security Education Program, Gorka Brags About Not Wearing COVID-19 Safety Mask

President Donald Trump has appointed his controversial former aide and right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka to the National Security Education Board, notes POLITICO.

Gorka was removed as deputy assistant to Trump August 2017. Gorka claimed at the time that he resigned, while MSNBC reported he was banned from the White House grounds before his resignation letter surfaced.

While Trump was appointing him to this federal government position on July 14, Gorka was on his radio show bragging about not wearing COVID-19 safety masks, which he called “COVID burqas” and “something inhuman,” reports HuffPost.

Gorka claimed in March that the coronavirus was “mass hysteria” created by Democrats, reported Right Wing Watch.

(Sources: HuffPost, POLITICO, Right Wing Watch)

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