Trump Announces Pardon For Susan B. Anthony to Please Evangelicals Who Falsely Claim She Was Anti-Abortion

President Donald Trump issued a pardon for Susan B. Anthony who was criminally charged for voting in 1872 in Rochester, New York. The women’s suffrage leader died in 1906.

Trump was joined by several female anti-abortion activists — including the right wing Susan B. Anthony List — who falsely claim that Anthony opposed abortion.

POLITICO journalist Gabby Orr was the first person to flag Trump’s latest stunt to please his evangelical base:

The Susan B. Anthony Museum and House reported in 2018 that anti-abortion groups point to an article that called abortion “child murder” in The Revolution, a women’s rights newspaper that Anthony published from 1868 to 1870 with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Parker Pillsbury.

The article was signed by “A,” while Susan B. Anthony signed her articles with “S.B.A.” “A” was used by authors who who signed themselves anonymously.

Salon noted the lack of evidence in the anti-abortion claim in 2006:

Still, antiabortion groups are making a problematic jump made from Anthony’s known statements — which might be validly interpreted as speaking out against abortion — as an argument against a woman’s legal right to have one. We’re all aware that being pro-choice doesn’t necessarily mean that you think abortion is morally unambiguous. Ann Gordon, editor of the “Selected Papers of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony,” told Women’s eNews, “She never voiced an opinion about using the power of the state to require that pregnancies be brought to term.”

(Sources: Salon, Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, Gabby Orr/Twitter, Bloomberg QuickTake/Twitter)

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