Trump And Pence Welcome Racist Radio Host Michael Savage To White House

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence met with racist radio host Michael Savage on April 25.

Right Wing Watch notes that Savage has claimed that Democrats want to enslave white kids, referred to a caller on his radio show as a “sodomist” and instructed him to “get AIDS and die,” called soldiers with PTSD “losers,” falsely claimed the “asthma epidemic amongst minority children” is “a money racket” because “the children got extra welfare if they were disabled,” and accused President Obama of directing a “genocide” of white people.

Savage posted a picture that he took from a White House lunch for French President Emmanuel Macron, and tweeted a picture of himself with Pence.

Savage praised himself for his meeting with Trump and Pence on his radio show, notes Inside Radio:

[Pence] was very moved by the meeting, and I believe this is something he will enter into the Congressional Record that Michael Savage came and read to him that line from his book “God, Faith, and Reason”… We now have some of the best men in the world running this country.

Savage made no mention of the indictments and convictions of members of Trump’s campaign and White House.

(Sources: Right Wing Watch,, Inside Radio, Photo Credit: White House via Twitter)

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