Trump Aides Say He is ‘Mentally Unreachable’ and They Have ‘Given Up Trying to Communicate With Him’

President Donald Trump’s aides told Axios that he became “mentally unreachable” during and following the U.S. Capitol riot by his fanatical supporters, who were trying to stop Congress’ session to certify President-elect Joe Biden on Jan. 6.

Trump’s “stalwart aides and confidants” have reportedly “given up trying to communicate with him.”

One Trump administration official told The Washington Post that Trump repeatedly defended the rioting Trump supporters as they broke into the U.S. Capitol:

He kept saying: “The vast majority of them are peaceful. What about the riots this summer? What about the other side? No one cared when they were rioting. My people are peaceful. My people aren’t thugs.” He didn’t want to condemn his people.

Axios also reports that “his closest friends and paid White House officials — many of the Trumpiest Trumpers we know — are avoiding him like the plague. The president’s final days in office will be lonely ones.”

(Sources: Axios, The Washington Post)

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